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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Muscle Pop Quiz!

As I put together my awesome worm stuff for my next blog entry I thought I'd fill the time with a pop quiz on muscles! There is only one question and if you get it wrong then the only logical conclusion is you don't know enough about muscles and therefore must have puny guns. Yeah, I'm pretty good at logic problems.

Ready? Don't cheat!

#1. What kind of muscle does Phil the dog mostly have based on the video below... Type I or type II muscle? HINT: This video was taken AFTER a 30 minute run...seriously...

If you said Type II then I am afraid you are incorrect and thus a weenie. Now go do some bench presses before your muscles atrophy!

You can also note here that my dog has no concept of low friction surfaces. He runs into walls more often than is healthy for his doggy brain.

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